Use PenBuddy for Clipboard Pens

PenBuddy is a retractable clipboard pen attachment from Align-Rite, Inc. and available for purchase here. This telescoping tether keeps your writing instrument secured so it's always available when needed, but without the loose or hanging cords that get tangled.

Pen Buddy is always attached where you need it, fits any pencil, marker or pen, and is imprintable with your logo. Here's what people are saying about the new PenBuddy retractable clipbboard pen device:

“It's such a simple idea but is saves us a tremendous amount of time during annual inventory.”
~ Scott Bultman, president Red Hen Toys

Hundreds of Uses

PenBuddy has many uses in the home and business... anywhere a pen is needed.

Use PenBuddy for these applications:

  1. Bank teller windows
  2. Sign-in sheets
  3. In-store customer applications and surveys
  4. Neighborhood petitions